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The framework tasks

  1. User management. For each user a storage system must mantain info such as account/profile data, rank, state and statistics.
  2. Data management. For each game a storage system must hold info such as collection of game-specific multimedia files, ontology, annotation, question selection mode (random or with an ordering), statistics.
  3. Graphical User Interface. A set of widget and dialogs must be provided to game programmers to customize their games.
  4. Workflow management.
  5. Questions generator/management (e.g. text analysis, taboo tags)
  6. Validation (of the answer correctness)
  7. Case of study: a game developed using our framework.


Functional Units: technical overview and requirements

Each functional unit has specific features and requirements discussed in the following presentations, along with a technical overview:

Functional Units: interfaces and state of art

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