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PhraTris wins the INSEMTIVES Game Challenge

The game PhraTris, designed with GALOAP, has won first prize at the INSEMTIVES Game Challenge:

"we are happy to inform you that your submission to the game challenge 2010 was awarded the first place!
The respective celebration and presentation of the games of the game challenge 2010 will take place on May 30, 2010 in Crete (at the ESWC 2010 venue)."

PhraTris is a Semantic game, for the annotation of sentences with syntactic dependencies.

PhraTris video

A video of the presentation of PhraTris at the Extended Semantic Web Conference in Crete.

PhraTris in the news

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GALOAP is a web framework for developing games with a purpose (or GWAP). A GWAP is a game played on a computer that serves some purpose for the people setting up the game by harnessing human abilities in an entertaining setting. A GWAP gives indirect incentives, like wikipedia:
  • Reciprocity (altruistic contributes receive a benefit return);
  • Community (partecipants have a sense of common);
  • Reputation (partecipants are respected, trusted and appreciated each other);
  • Autonomy (partecipants take freedom decision).
There are many GWAPs available on the web such as, Phrase Detectives, OntoGame. Our project focuses on providing a platform for developing different GWAPs with these design principles:
  1. Fun and intellectual challenge
  2. Consensus decision for corrects answers
  3. Massive content generation

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